Which shower screen style is best for me?

So, you’re renovating your bathroom and want to update your shower. One of the biggest considerations of a new shower, is the shower screen. Shower screens come in a range of options and styles to suit all bathroom types and budgets. To help you narrow down your choices, here are some suggestions from the glaziers at Simon’s Glass.

Fully framed

More economical than semi-frameless designs, fully framed shower screens are both functional and modern. With the right frame a framed shower screen will accent your shower design and make it a feature.


While costing a little more than a fully framed design, semi-frameless shower screens are constructed of a perimeter of frame around the screen. This allows large vertical glass panels to be fitted, which give the illusion of more space.

Fully frameless

The most modern shower screen style, fully frameless designs are extremely chic and modern. While costing more than both fully framed and semi-frameless designs, the complete lack of frames will completely transform your bathroom and optimise your space.

Frosted glass

If you like the idea of more privacy, then consider using frosted glass panels in your shower screen. Frosted glass is much better at disguising soap scum build ups but is more difficult to clean due to its texturing.

Plain glass

The most popular option for shower screens, this finish has better light quality than frosted glass, while making your space appear larger than it is. Plain glass requires regular cleaning to avoid soap and grime build ups.

If you need high quality glass for your new shower screen, contact Simon’s Glass today. Our glaziers   offer a range of glass screen options to suit all bathroom styles. Operating across Shailer Park, Logan and South Brisbane, our glaziers can cut your shower screen to size to fit any shower shape or size.

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