Transform your home with the right patio doors

Perfect for hosting summer barbeques and kiddie play, patios are an essential part of any Australian home. In fact, patios are so important to us Aussies, that our patios and patio doors are one of the first things we update during renovations. So, if you want to get more out of your patio, here are some beautiful patio door ideas from our glaziers which will completely transform your home.

Bifold doors

Probably the most coveted patio door design, bifold doors consist of several large panels of glass that fold and slide along a track to create a massive void that lets the outside in. This design is perfect for creating combined indoor/outdoor spaces for entertaining in warmer months. The only drawback is that this design is quite costly.

Pocket doors

Easily the most expensive option, this patio door design features an innovative track system that hides your door into the adjoining wall. Like bifold doors, this design completely opens the room to your patio giving you a huge space to entertain. Likewise, the downside of these doors is their larger price tag.

Sliding doors

The most popular option by far, sliding doors are a staple in most suburban homes. Cost-effective and extremely versatile, sliding doors provide the perfect gateway between your home and patio. Featuring large glass panels, these doors let in loads of light and last for many years. The only downside is that due to their design, they only open halfway along their frames.

Choose the right style for your home

The look and age of your home will determine which style of patio doors are best. It is important that your patio doors match other nearby doors and windows and complement your interior design. For example, bi-fold doors always look best in modern or minimalist homes, whereas French doors will look better in more traditionally styled homes.

Need help choosing the right patio doors for your home? Contact Simon’s Glass today. Our glaziers specialise in sliding doors and can cut glass to size to fit bi folds and other patio door designs. Operating throughout Shailer Park, Logan and South Brisbane, our glaziers offer highly competitive prices and no call out fees.

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