5 stunning window designs for your home

Changing your windows is a simple and relatively cost-effective way to update your home. Whether you have an old Queenslander in the country or apartment in the city, updating your windows can completely transform the feel of your home. If you are considering renovating your windows, check out these stunning window designs form our team of glaziers.

Bay windows

Bay windows are windows that are designed to project outwards from an outside wall, creating a scenic bay indoors which can overlook a garden or yard. While it is traditional to use smaller window panes, you can modernise the look with larger panels of glass.

Etched glass windows

Etched glass (or textured glass) windows are the perfect way to give your home a bit of character, while increasing your privacy. For more modern homes, opt for simple geometric designs or patterns. For older homes, opt for botanically inspired or ornate designs.

Entry door windows

While many front doors incorporate glass panels, you can add more natural light and character to your home with entry door windows. You can around your front door with entry door windows to create a feature, or simply add transoms (horizontal windows above your doorway) to add a bit more light without compromising your privacy.


If you are looking to add more light into your home, but don’t want to sacrifice more wall space, why not install skylights. Skylights are installed in your roof and can accentuate a dramatic ceiling pitch or simply offer sky or treetop views.

Window walls

If you’re looking to maximise your light and views, then you can’t go past a window wall. For a more modern look, opt for large glass panels of floor-to-ceiling glass, and for older home, stay true to heritage with more traditional designs.

Looking for a local glazier? Simon’s Glass specialises in glass installation and repairs. We provide a made to order glass cutting service to meet the precise requirements of your project. Our team of glaziers can even cut glass to your specific measurements at our shop while you wait.

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