Why Choose Simon’s Glass?

The thing about an emergency is that it usually comes out of nowhere, so you aren’t usually equipped; with Simon’s Glass in your phone you’ll always be prepared! When you break glass around the house, or it’s your business, it can not only be unsafe, but it can also leave you vulnerable to intruders. When you call Simon’s Glass, we can come to your home or commercial property and take care of any emergency glass repairs you might have. Get a free quote.

Commercial Emergency Repairs

When it comes emergency repairs that are timely and high quality, we’re the experts.
Whether your shop front has been vandalised, or your office window has been accidentally broken, Simon’s Glass has a 24/7 hour emergency repair service available. Our glaziers can quickly remove any damaged or dangerous glass, and either repair or replace your glass.

emergency glass repair logan areas
a specialist in installing plastic windows puts a double-glazed window in a window frame, close-up

When you want minimal downtime, and a quality job done quickly, with value for money, then call the expert glaziers at Simon’s Glass.

Residential Emergency Repairs

Have the kids kicked a ball through the window, or has your shower screen been bumped and broken? Whatever you require emergency glass repair services, we have expert glaziers that’ll get to your home in no time.

Our glaziers pride ourselves on making the area safe, clean, and clear, so we can install your glass replacement, or do your glass repair in minimal time.

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With nearly two decades of experience, a sterling reputation, quality products, and glaziers that care, Simon’s Glass are your go-to specialists for an emergency glass repair.
For more information, don’t hesitate to contact our glaziers today.



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