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What you need to know about Etching and Frosting

Glass Etching

One thing is for sure, they are both decorative, translucent glass that makes most of the light not come through but still gives enough to light up the room. So what is the difference? Etched […]

Single glazed vs double glazed windows

Double Glazed

In Queensland we can experience a wide variety of weather conditions throughout the year. From scorching hot summer days to freezing winter mornings, your glazing can play a huge role in controlling the temperature and […]

Glass etching ideas for your old Queenslander

Glass Etching

There’s something truly romantic about old Queenslander homes. Brimming with tradition and character, these homes are becoming popular with both new and old generations alike. While some people choose to modernise their Queenslanders, others embrace […]

5 stunning window designs for your home


Changing your windows is a simple and relatively cost-effective way to update your home. Whether you have an old Queenslander in the country or apartment in the city, updating your windows can completely transform the […]

Transform your home with the right patio doors

Patio Doors

Perfect for hosting summer barbeques and kiddie play, patios are an essential part of any Australian home. In fact, patios are so important to us Aussies, that our patios and patio doors are one of […]

Which shower screen style is best for me?

Shower Screen

So, you’re renovating your bathroom and want to update your shower. One of the biggest considerations of a new shower, is the shower screen. Shower screens come in a range of options and styles to […]

Transform your office with these glass etching ideas

Glass Etching

Etched glass is a beautiful and professional addition to any office. It can add extra privacy, communicate information or simply create a unique feature. If you are considering adding etched glass to your office, here […]

The benefits of tinting your home

Window Tinting

Window tinting is the process of applying a special film to your windows to reduce the amount of light that passes through. While many people choose to tint their windows for privacy or aesthetic reasons, […]

Common Reasons for Broken Glass Windows During Summer

Glass Repair

Aside from having fun at the beach or getting that well-deserved vacation, summer is also the perfect time for home improvements, repairs, and renovation projects! You might have a long list of ideas on what […]

Are Double Glazed Windows Suitable for Summer?

Double Glazed

Double glazed windows are often a famous choice for places with cool climates or winter. However, it is not solely designed for winter. It can also be the perfect window type during the summer or […]

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