Window tinting in the Logan and South Brisbane area.

With our sunny, sub-tropical climate in Logan and the South Brisbane area, and with sunshine in abundance it’s not surprising that many people are looking at tinting their windows.

Why is glass tinting beneficial?

Tinting your windows, both at home and in the work, place can be beneficial for a number of reasons, these are just a few:


Energy efficiency

We all love the sunshine, and natural light is the finishing touch to any home, but when that natural light makes your living conditions uncomfortable what can you do? Shutting the curtains or blinds might stop heat getting into your home, but you also block out all the natural light; tinting your window can give you the best of both worlds. Window tinting reduces the need for air conditioning and can save you money on your power bill.

Sun protection

Tinting can assist in reducing the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays damaging your skin and home furnishings. Forget that sun faded sofa, or getting burnt whilst you watch TV, glass tinting can help reduce the heat that enters your home and the glare.
Glare reduction is especially important in the office, with so many monitors and screens being affected, glass tinting can provide better working conditions.


When you are looking to increase privacy, you can’t look past glass tinting. Whether you’re on a busy road, in a complex or you just want added privacy in your home or office, window tinting can give you that extra layer of privacy without the need to close out all the natural light.

Window tinting

If you’re looking for glass tinting services that adds beauty, elegance and a little extra something to your home, give the glazing experts at Simon’s Glass a call. We offer professional and affordable window tinting services to help you make your home or workplace cooler, more comfortable and more secure. Whatever your glass tinting aims, whether that’s to lower your cooling bills at work or make your home more private, our experienced glaziers can advise you on the most cost-effective window tinting solution for your needs.

At Simon’s Glass, we provide professional glass tinting services for all residential and commercial customers in Shailer Park and across the Logan and South Brisbane area at highly competitive prices, and with no call out fees. To speak to an experienced glazier about your glass door and window tinting requirements, call 0429 604 553. We’re available 7 days a week.



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