Double Glazing

Double glazing adds an extra layer of protection to your home or your office. It provides a relief from the sun as it keeps it out of your home. This can be cost-efficient because homeowners can save money on air conditioning and just use fans among other stuff.

Simon’s Glass are experienced in the glazing industry. We do double glazing that uses two or more glass panels with sealed air between the. This ensures that the air inside is kept cool and helps increase the energy efficiency of a home or a building.

Simon’s Glass’ professional response team can come to your home and repair or install your glass. We pride ourselves in the quality of our service and our contribution to the community. Our goal is to always make our customers happy, satisfied and will be asking for more services they can get once we are done. We are committed in providing our customers with dedication, highest quality of service and competitive pricing.

With over 18 years of glazing experience, you can make sure that the service you get is professional, prompt and reliable. Our 24/7 service include glass replacement and repair for both residential and commercial establishments in Shailer Park, Logan and across South Brisbane.

At Simon’s Glass, we aim to exceed your expectations with our services.




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