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Fireplace Glass Door Replacement & Installation

Australia has a natural warm climate, but the nights can get quite cool especially in the winter months and there’s nothing nicer than snuggling up in front of the fire. The crackling fireplace is a welcomed addition to any home, but an open fire can pose a few safety issues.

Your Local Glass Fire Door Experts in Brisbane and Logan

Simon’s Glass is your number one choice for all fireplace glass doors in Brisbane Southside. Cracked or broken fireplace doors present a high risk to your home and family, and we’re the team to call if you need them replaced. When you want the very best and safest option to protect your family and home, don’t compromise on quality. Whether you are looking for a professional fireplace glass door replacement or a completely new glass installation, we are here to help! Call the team at Simon’s Glass today, and speak to us about the most effective options on the market.

Fire safety is something we take seriously at Simon’s Glass, which is why we supply and install a large range of glass fireplace doors. Having an open fireplace in your home is fantastic on those cold nights, however, it’s a lot safer with a proper glass fire door installed. Embers can shoot out from a fireplace, at best leaving unsightly burn marks on your carpet and at worst starting a fire in your home.

So, to equip your fireplace with safe fireplace glass, give us a call today. We can tailor fire door solutions to fit your existing home. Installing a glass door as a physical barrier can also be aesthetically pleasing, so you get the combination of improved fire safety and visual appeal all in one.


Why Choose a Glass Fire Door for Your Home

Choosing a glass door for the fireplace at your home comes with many benefits. While keeping your loved ones and your home safe at all times is probably the most important aspect, there are a few other advantages when getting a professional glass door for your fireplace:

Firstly, what many people don’t know is that the glass screen in your fireplace actually helps to radiate heat around your home much better than an open fireplace does. Hence, efficiency when it comes to heating your home is a big plus point. 

Secondly, there is usually a lot of dust generated from an open fireplace, thanks to all the ash and burning timber inside. With a high-quality, professionally installed fire door, you can keep all that mess where it belongs – in the fireplace.

Thirdly, having glass installed in your fireplace is trending in modern interior design; whilst you can’t deny a roaring fire looks impressive, the next day the fireplace can end up looking a bit messy. A glass fireplace is stylish and keeps the fireplace looking good even when the fire is out.

Finally, let’s not forget the old saying – where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Or in this case, where there’s fire, there’s smoke! While all fireplaces have a chimney or flue, if the area is open, it’s natural for some smoke to escape into your home. Over time smoke can cause damage to your walls and ceilings, not to mention the health risk for your family. A proper glass door in your fireplace helps direct the smoke into the chimney and away from your living area.


The Door to a Better Fireplace

If you’re in Logan or South Brisbane and you’re looking for a reputable supplier that will install your glass, we are here to help.

We can provide installations, and we can also assist with fireplace glass replacements for any upgrades or repairs.

For a fast and professional glass service call the glass experts, Simon’s Glass is available 7-day as a week.

Enjoy your fireplace with the addition of a fire glass today, our services are fast, friendly and affordable.



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