Transform your office with these glass etching ideas

Etched glass is a beautiful and professional addition to any office. It can add extra privacy, communicate information or simply create a unique feature. If you are considering adding etched glass to your office, here are some great ideas from our team of experienced glaziers.

Decorate your reception desk

Your reception area is often the first place your clients see, so it’s essential to create a positive impression. Have a large panel of glass etched with your company name and motto and place this across the front of your reception desk to improve your signage and boost your professionalism.

Create a feature in your boardroom

Your boardroom (or meeting room) is also an extremely important part of your office. This is where you meet clients and host team meetings, so it’s important it looks professional. To make your boardroom more impressive replace your original glass panels with etched glass to create a beautiful feature.

Use etched glass to advertise

Many offices use etched glass panels at the front of their office to signpost their company name and logo and to advertise their products or services. This works very well for corporate offices such as law firms or medical clinics as it is more professional than vinyls or other gawdy signage.

Create more privacy in bathrooms

Due to its frosted appearance, etched glass provides more privacy than clear glass panels. This makes etched glass the perfect option for bathrooms, especially if they are on ground level. Choose a design that is simple and provides the maximum amount of privacy.

At Simon’s Glass, our glaziers are committed to providing commercial properties with the highest quality services at the most competitive prices. Servicing the Shailer Park, Logan and South Brisbane area, our glaziers can completely transform your office space with etched glass.

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