Glass etching ideas for your old Queenslander

There’s something truly romantic about old Queenslander homes. Brimming with tradition and character, these homes are becoming popular with both new and old generations alike. While some people choose to modernise their Queenslanders, others embrace their home’s heritage and opt for more traditional renovations. One of the most beautiful features of Queenslanders are their etched glass windows and doors. So, if you’re considering a renovation, here are some glazier approved etching ideas for your old Queenslander.

Leadlight windows

While leadlight windows may seem old fashioned, they are really making a comeback, especially in Queenslander style homes. If you want something a bit different for your Queenslander’s front door, why not incorporate coloured glass into your door’s glass panels. Choose a simple pattern or opt for a more Australian design based on native flora or fauna. Popular designs include gumtrees and birds such as kookaburras or rainbow lorikeets. Use a combination of etched and plain glass panels to give your door more personality.

Etched glass front windows

Etched glass windows will provide you with more privacy for the front of your home, while still allowing you to see visitors.  They are also the perfect accompaniment for front doors with leadlight and or etched windows. Etched glass windows will give the front of your room more character, will increase your curb appeal. Got unconventional window sizes? Not to worry. Simply contact your local glazier and order etched glass cut to size.

Etched glass bathroom windows

Etched glass adds a touch of elegance and sophistication, while providing extra privacy. This is perfect for toilets and bathrooms, where you want natural light, but none of the exposure. With etched glass windows, you can enjoy lots of light, without having to worry to put up blinds or curtains for privacy.

If you are thinking about incorporating etched glass windows into your old Queenslander, contact Simon’s Glass today. Our glaziers specialise in glass etching and can customise glass panels to fit your needs. Our custom glass cutting service caters to residential and commercial customers in Shailer Park and across the Logan and South Brisbane area.

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