Common Reasons for Broken Glass Windows During Summer

Aside from having fun at the beach or getting that well-deserved vacation, summer is also the perfect time for home improvements, repairs, and renovation projects! You might have a long list of ideas on what part to repair and how you can upgrade your home, but windows are one of the things that you should not forget.

Whether it is cracked, shattered, or deteriorated, there are several reasons why some people have to deal with broken windows during summer.


When summertime comes, everyone loves to stay outdoors, especially the kids! An increase in active outdoor activities like backyard cricket, football, and obstacle courses might pose a higher risk of accidents that cause broken glass windows. In addition, for people who would spend time away from their homes and businesses, break-ins and vandalism are also possible since no one is there to guard the place. These cases would require fast fix window repairs to keep your home and businesses safe and prevent further accidents from happening.


If you talk about summer, hot sunny days are usually what comes to mind. However, tropical storms also occur as wet and cyclone season also happens during summer in Australia. Storm winds from hurricanes alone cannot break the glass windows. But other things like tree branches, plants, and small items like furniture from patios that can be carried by the wind can cause the windows to crack or break. Checking the overall health and quality of your windows can prepare you for the unexpected weather changes and minimise any impact.


Humidity in Australia during summer can go up as high as 75%. This can cause the glass windows to experience sudden expansion and contraction that might lead to stress cracks. Glass windows that are partially shaded have a higher risk of stress cracks as there is an extreme change in the temperature between the exposed and unexposed parts. Any crack, whether big or small, can weaken the strength of glass windows and cause it to break. Repairs should be immediately applied for cracked windows or you can have it replaced with a more suitable type for the climate.


Even with extensive maintenance and cleaning, old glass windows can become more sensitive and prone to cracks and breakage as they deteriorate over time. If the windows receive a strong impact, it might get shattered and cause danger to people within the vicinity. Replacing it with glass windows that can withstand the normal wear and tear for all seasons would be the best all-around option.

Dealing with broken glass windows can be a daunting task, so having it assessed by a professional glazier like Simon’s Glass is recommended. We offer cheap glass repairs in Gold Coast, Redlands, Logan, and other parts of South Brisbane. Contact us at 0429 604 553 for your glass window repair and replacement needs!

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