Are Double Glazed Windows Suitable for Summer?

Double glazed windows are often a famous choice for places with cool climates or winter. However, it is not solely designed for winter. It can also be the perfect window type during the summer or for places with hot climates.

What is a double glazed window?

A double glazed window is an energy-efficient window type that adds extra protection for your place because it has the capacity to prevent the cold breeze outside from penetrating your home. It also keeps the heat out during the hot season and makes your homes and offices cool during the summer.

How does it work?

Double glazed windows are built from two top glass window panes with a void in between. This void is either a sealed layer of air or gas for better thermal efficiency. Whether it is air or gas, the void in double glazed windows affords an insulation barrier between the outdoor and indoor temperatures.

Originally designed for extreme climates, double glazed windows can be created using a wide variety of glass types and coatings. The Low Emissivity glass, commonly known as Low-E glass, is one of the most frequent options. This is because the glass surface has an invisible layer of a special coating that blocks the outdoor temperature better and makes it more energy-efficient than single glazed windows and other types.

Why choose double glazed windows?

Windows are one of the most vulnerable parts of a home, particularly during the summer when tropical cyclones and accidents from outdoor activities often occur. That is why choosing a sturdy and suitable type of window for summer should be thoroughly considered. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose double glazed windows:

Perfect for any type of weather

Double glazed windows offer two types of temperature control that can be beneficial all year round. First, it prevents the outside heat from entering and keeps your place cool, which is ideal during the summer. Second, it keeps the heat inside from escaping, which is perfect for winter.

Limits damage from UV rays

Double glazed windows reflect heat without minimizing the amount of light that comes into your place. This limits the amount of UV rays that can penetrate the window and protects you and your things from the harmful damage it brings.

Improved security and protection

With two layers of durable glass, it provides better security because it is made from tough glass material that is difficult to break. You can be assured that your property will be secured while you’re away.

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