What you need to know about Etching and Frosting

One thing is for sure, they are both decorative, translucent glass that makes most of the light not come through but still gives enough to light up the room.

So what is the difference? Etched glass is sandblasted glass using a machine or by hand. This alters the glass to produce a decorative effect usually into stunning artwork, a pattern or even names. The other, Frosted glass is the changing of the surface from transparent to translucent to create a cloudy look. This can also be attained by acid etching or sandblasting.

From the sentence above, we can tell that to attain these two decorative glass types one must either be sandblasted or acid etched. Sandblasting gives a permanent frosted effect that is caused by blasting it with sand in high pressure which takes off the glossy finish of the window or door thus producing the opaque, cloudy look. When using the method of sandblasting, it can help assist in controlling the temperature during any season. This glass cannot be scratched either so you do not have to worry about your dogs and kids scratching the glass.

However, it is expensive and most designs are very basic. It is permanent and you cannot undo it, but if you want all you can do is buy another one. It can also weaken the glass making it prone to cracks.

Acid etching on the other hand can also be called French Embossing. It is quite the same with sandblasting with the difference being an acid based substance is used to etch the glass. By using acid etching your glass window or door can be more resistant to moisture and can last as long as the glass is alive.

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